Saturday, 26 December 2020

New book of heritage memories due out in January 2021

A book of memories from life in the West Midlands is due to be published in the new year by Brewin Books and Age Concern Birmingham. The book is packed with anecdotes, pictures, poems and memories from older people, reflecting life in the area from the 1920s, through the war years and right up to the present day.

The book has been funded by the Heritage Fund and edited by Peter Millington on behalf of Age Concern Birmingham. The book was created from a heritage project during 2020, the year of Covid-19. It has a foreword written by Lady Anne Knowles who said:

"It is with great pleasure that I write the foreword for this wonderful book of memories from local people in the West Midlands. In the months leading up to publication, these have been difficult times for everybody but not least of all for the older generation. Having been identified as one of the most vulnerable groups to the Covid-19 virus many of us have spent our days, weeks and months shielded, distanced and isolated, destined to talk to our neighbours through half-opened windows and our loved ones via Zoom and WhatsApp. 

Who could have foretold this situation just twelve months ago?

But in the spirit of supporting and valuing the older members of our community, Age Concern Birmingham spent the past year reaching out to collect these delightful stories from local people and to produce this book of memories. As we read through this rich diversity of recollections, one of the common threads is the theme of resilience, it is easy to forget that the older generation have been on their own life-journeys of aspiration and achievement in spite of very different though nonetheless great challenges.

I hope you will enjoy these stories, poems, pictures and memories, but also be inspired by the lives, the humour, the humanity and the determination of the older generation."

Watch this space for updates about the publication of "I remember when... West Midlands Heritage Memories collected by Age Concern Birmingham".

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