Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Chinese Imperial Court Costume - 'A Journey through the Imperial Wardrobe'


Potteries Museum and Art Gallery

Stoke on Trent

Sunday 17 October

David Rosier, Accredited Lecturer for The Arts Society, presents an insight into the origins and evolution of the 2000-year history of Regulated Court Costume.

Initially there will be a focus on the Insignia of Rank that were worn to visually indicate the rank and status of the wearer. Specific consideration will be given to the origins and usage of the iconic Chinese Imperial Dragon, the personal emblem of the Emperor, but not for his exclusive use.

The lecture concludes with an exploration of the Imperial Wardrobe from State Robes, and regalia, plus mandated dress accessories.

Lecture at 1pm, please book in advance by calling 01782 232323 or emailing, tickets £12 and includes a Cream Tea.

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