Saturday, 21 December 2019

A Posi+ive Life - Dance Theatre

An Immersive sex ed’ and coming of age dance theatre experience for teenagers and young adults.

“It’s great to see A Posi+ive Life create such a safe, supportive space for young people to talk and share their thoughts as part of a live performance.”

-Peter Knott, Area Director for Arts Council England

Autin Dance Theatre presents A Posi+ive Life with the support of Arts Council England, Birmingham

Education Partnership, Arts Connect, and Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham.

A Posi+ive Life is an accessible, immersive and interactive theatre experience led by six contemporary characters featuring dance, physical theatre, spoken word and BSL interpretation.

The piece is a special invitation to a house party like no other, where a web of stories around sex, love and relationships unveils, with audience participation and original scenography transporting the guests to the heart of the story.

The play runs for 75minutes and is aimed at young people (14+) with an uplifting and engaging message on self-love, sexual health topics and sex ed’ stories that can be enjoyed by all.

“Arts Connect selected Johnny Autin to be part of a development programme for artists wanting to realise their ambitions for their work with young people.

The tour of a A Posi+ive Life and Arts Council England investment is one outcome, and the result of Johnny’s hard work and vision. We are delighted to see his success and excited for all the young people that will benefit from his company’s work.”

-Rob Elkington –Director, Arts Connect

We believe effective sex and relationship education is essential if young people are to make responsible and well-informed decisions about their lives. A Posi+ive Life is an accessible, inclusive and authentic performance that creates safe spaces for young audiences to explore and navigate their way through these often difficult, personal issues and stories.

“A Posi+ive Life meets Birmingham Education Partnership’s aims of supporting schools through Arts and Culture to improve the education and well-being of our young people. It also contributes to our work with schools in supporting them in tackling more challenging themes. I feel this approach could also send a positive message to other Artists and Organisations and inspire them to look at new and innovative ways to work and collaborate with schools.”

Andrew Fox -Arts Engagement Co-ordinator, Birmingham Education Partnership
Autin DT is an award-winning professional Dance Theatre Company based in Birmingham, established in 2013 and directed by Johnny Autin and Producers Paige Jackson and Kirsten Tranter. The Company is a collaborative and project-based organisation that produces engaging artistic performances and provides an extensive learning and participation programme.

“The company draws on contemporary social issues and events making work which is beautifully crafted, accessible and relevant”.

“Authentic, spontaneous, inclusive”


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