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A new puppet show with a vital environmental message - Thu 8th April - The Core Theatre, Solihull

Photo credit © Adam DJ Laity

Hattie Naylor and Pickled Image presents


Olivier-nominated Hattie Naylor has teamed up with Pickled Image once again, crafting a magical tale with an urgent environmental message. 

Something is happening in the woods, voices can be heard, and a strange metallic smell fills the air. Machines are gathering at its edge and a mysteriouscall is heard across the valley. Laura the ladybird, Jeffrey the spider, Brett the Woodlouse and Willoughby the Woodpecker are worried. Velda the Vixen knows there’s only one person who can help them – Granddad. But is there enough time? Can they save thewood? And will the mysterious stranger help?

Featuring a cast of extraordinary puppets, this uproarious family show not only entertains, but has an important and timely environmental message to share.

Generously supported by the Arts Council England.

Photo credit © Adam DJ Laity

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Story by Pickled Image & Hattie Naylor
Full Tour Dates
£7 - £10
Age guidance: 3+ 
1 hour

Praise for Pickled Image / Hattie Naylor collaborations

“Magical, beguiling, emotional and eye-wideningly beautiful”

Bristol 24/7

“A delightfully designed family show” ★★★★

The Stage

"Utterly magical story of friendship told through beautiful puppetry - with a healthy amount of fart jokes!"

Bristol Arts Monster

“Endlessly beautiful, deeply fascinating, amazingly well made. Truly impressive handcraft, masterfully brought to life. A beautiful pieceof puppet theatre.”

Rana Blad (Norwegian Daily)

“Woodland tales with Granddad is a beautifully crafted piece.  Rich with environmental purpose and visual fun for all ages, it delivers its message with wonderfullydesigned puppets.”

Phil Tattersall-King. Deputy Head, Co-Curricular and Bedales Events Director.

Photo credit © Adam DJ Laity

About Pickled Image

Pickled Image was formed in 2000 by co-directors Vicky Andrews and Dik Downey. Between them they have designed, produced, directed and performed many internationallyrecognised, award-winning puppetry shows for theatre.

The companies' previous work includes Yana and the Yeti (2018-19), Coulrophobia (2014-17), The Little Shop of Horrors (2012-2014), Fireside Tales with Granddad(2008-2017),Christmas Tales with Granddad (2015-2017), Santa’s Little Trolls (2014-2017), Little Edie (2011), Hunger (2009-2013), Mange Tout (2008 – 2012), Wolf Tales (2009-2011) and Houdini’s Suitcase (2006 – 2008).





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