Saturday, 18 January 2020

Coventry City of Culture Update January 2020

Moving Blue
at Coventry City of Culture Trust


It's only ONE YEAR TO GO until we officially become the UK City of Culture! If you missed our 'One Year to Go' email on New Year's Day, which includes a timeline of what you can expect from 2020, you can read it online now.

Last week, we launched our Moving Blue campaign for 2020. We worked with The Weaver's House on Spon Street to formulate a distinctive shade of Coventry blue that represents our city's heritage, and we're painting hundreds of locations around the city this distinctive shade of blue in time for 2021. We want everyone around Coventry to get involved - read on to find out how.
Moving Blue

Did you know that Coventry used to be famous for its true-blue dye? Our medieval weaving trade had a unique selling point: a special shade of blue, made using woad plants and water from the River Sherbourne, that never washed out.

The secret recipe for Coventry blue has been lost to history, so we've worked with The Weaver's House to recover and recreate this distinctive shade.

Throughout 2020, we're painting hundreds of locations across the city this special shade of blue to celebrate Coventry's past and present in the build-up to our year on the world stage as UK City of Culture.

We named the colour Moving Blue, which represents our history as pioneers in the transport industry, our famous welcome to those who move to Coventry from around the world, and our culture which has moved people for centuries.

These Moving Blue surfaces across the city will be a big part of 2021, and we'll reveal more later in the year.

You can view the trailer for our Moving Blue project on YouTube now.

Do you have an idea for something we could paint Moving Blue? Let us know by dropping us a message on social media, or emailing us at

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