Sunday, 23 February 2020

Lives in Music - Gavin Monaghan of the Magic Garden

Robin Valk is back this weekend with another great interview on his Lives in Music podcast site. This week it's with local producer Gavin Monaghan who commands massive respect worldwide, but who is equally at home working with local bands he has an affinity with. Robin tells us that Gavin loves his work and...

"The people who work with him love his work as well. He operates from an unassuming but brilliant complex, the third premises that he's named Magic Garden. Music of all shapes and descriptions flows from there out to the world."

"Above all Gavin focuses on results - it's fascinating to hear how he gets those results, how he got started, and how technology has changed the creative music landscape. Craft skills, hard won and invaluable."

The story starts.... well actually, get yourself a cup of tea, turn on your speakers and listen to another fascinating podcast from Robin Valk. 

Lives in Music - Gavin Monaghan

To learn more about the music, or the musicians mentioned in this podcast, head to the companion Radio To Go blog post. 'A Life in Music: Gavin Monaghan', which you can find at Everything that Gavin touches on is linked there so you can explore to your hearts content.

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